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    The United States Inventus power company and jade emperor ne 2017-09-18 Share to:

    The morning of April 13, 2017, the United States Inventus electric power company president and chief executive officer Patrick Tripp, general manager of Asia Pacific Yan Xiaobo, vice president of Asia Technology Center Huang Taiguang, Asia Pacific chief financial officer Kang Yong for a 4 people in chairman Wang Ying's new energy jade jade, visited the new energy Industrial Park core production workshop and the signing ceremony held in the exhibition hall, jade group headquarters and signed a joint venture contract.
    The Inventus power was established in 1960 in Chicago, there are a number of R &amp; D and manufacturing plant in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Chinese, Mexico, is the nation's largest business, communications, industrial and medical solutions, supporting power lithium battery charging technology solutions company and the world's largest battery management the manufacturer of the system, the main customers are SONY, Matsushita, SIEMENS, Samsung, LG etc..
    Heze Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, City Development Zone, deputy director Lian Jianjun, Heze Municipal Economic Development Zone Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Foreign Exchange Management Bureau, Heze traffic group, Chinese bank, Bank of communications and other departments attended the signing ceremony.
    The United States Inventus electric CEO Mr. Patrick said: "jade new energy electric core with our full recognition, we have a very mature package, a battery management system and charging control technology, market development and the advantages of lean management; product battery system of our two sides will jointly develop high quality, high reliability, the domestic and overseas market with the development of battery and energy storage system. Today's signing is only a start and we will invest more in the future. I am confident that with the strong support of the government of the Heze, the economic institutions and partners, our cooperation will be more successful."

    Lian Jianjun, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Heze Development Zone and executive vice director of the CMC, presided over the discussion

    Lian Jianjun, deputy secretary of Party Working Committee of Heze Development Zone and deputy managing director of CMC

    United States Inventus Power Inc. President &amp; CEO Patrick Trippel delivered a speech

    Signing ceremony site - Leadership witness signing

    The United States Inventus Power Inc represents Patrick Trippel and signed the contract for the establishment of a battery system joint venture with Wang Ying, the Jade Emperor's new energy representative

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