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    Qian Yitai, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and t 2017-09-18 Share to:

    In the February 6, 2017 new energy 500 million kwh / year production line on the occasion, Yi Tai, University of Science &amp; Technology China, Academician Qian Dr. Lin Ning came to the jade new energy industrial park, expand cooperation on research and application of the key technology of lithium ion battery.
    Accompanied by Jade Emperor's new energy chairman Wang Ying, general manager Zhao Chenglong and chief scientist Xue Jiayu, Academician Qian Lin and Lin Lin first visited the Jade Emperor new energy industrial park. When Academician Qian and his party visited the automation production line of the new energy production workshop of jade emperor, they made guidance on the production process of the core and its automation equipment.
    After the visit, Qian academicians, Dr. Lin Ning and his party and the company leaders and some project research and development, technical personnel in the conference room for project cooperation, specific terms of negotiations, and signed the project contract。

    Industry university research cooperation ceremony

    Discussion on cooperation between University of Science &amp; Technology China and jade emperor new energy project

    Both sides have attached great importance to this cooperation. Qian Yitai said: this cooperation is not only a general sense of the research on the practice, also realize the idea of innovation, R &amp; D institutions of technology market transformation, it is focused on the advantages of resources to better promote the rapid development of new energy industry.

    Jade Emperor Wang Ying, chairman of the new energy and Qian Yitai Committee for the cooperation project signed a cooperation contract

    Academician Qian Yitai and Dr. Lin Ning took photos with the leaders of the company

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