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    英國Faradion公司與玉皇新能源在英國牛津大學隆重舉行鈉離子電池投資合作簽約儀式 2023-09-02分享至:

    2023年8月24日,中國北京時間17時,英國倫敦時間10時,英國Faradion公司與玉皇新能源在英國牛津大學隆重舉行鈉離子電池合作和生產能力提升設備投資簽約儀式。Faradion執行主席Chris Wright、首席執行官James Quinn、技術總監Ruth Sayers,玉皇化工集團總裁、玉皇新能源董事長王瑛,玉皇新能源總經理徐印東、副總經理董鑫等見證簽約。

    Chris Wright與王瑛代表雙方簽署協議?;谠阝c離子電池領域共同的戰略目標,雙方已成功合作七年之久,將充分利用各自資源、技術、市場優勢在鈉離子電池行業進行更深入的合作,也將是中國的獨家合作。雙方共同致力于推動鈉離子電池的低成本產業化,并共同推動玉皇新能源盡快上市。



    A Grand Signing Ceremony for Sodium-ion Battery Investment Cooperation was Held at the University of Oxford in the UK between Faradion and Yuhuang New Energy


    Faradion Limited Company from UK and Yuhuang New Energy Company Limited from China held a grand signing ceremony at the University of Oxford for the cooperation of sodium-ion batteries and investment in equipment to increase production capacity. Chris Wright, Executive Chairman of Faradion, James Quinn, Chief Executive, Ruth Sayers, Director of Technology, Wang Ying, President of Yuhuang Chemical Group and Chairman of Yuhuang New Energy, Xu Yindong, General Manager of Yuhuang New Energy, and Dong Xin, Deputy General Manager, witnessed the signing of the agreement.

    Chris Wright and Wang Ying signed the agreement on behalf of each party. The two parties have successfully collaborated for the last 7-years and with their common strategic goals in the field of sodium-ion batteries, both parties now intend to fully leverage their respective resources, technology, and market advantages to engage in a deeper cooperation in the development of the sodium-ion battery industry which will be in exclusive in China. Both parties are jointly committed to promoting the low-cost industrialization of sodium ion batteries and supporting the listing of Yuhuang New Energy as soon as possible.

    Faradion Company was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Sheffield, UK. It is the world's first non-aqueous commercial sodium-ion battery company and, with a global leading technological level, it is the most internationally famous company in the field of sodium-ion batteries. Its parent company, the Reliance Group, is one of the largest private-sector companies in India.

    With the closing of this signing ceremony, Yuhuang New Energy has officially become Faradion`s exclusive designated manufacturing partner for sodium-ion battery cells in China, ushering in a new era of high-quality development of Yuhuang New Energy. 

    Shandong YuHuang New Energy Techology Co.,Ltd
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