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    Our company accepts two graduates from Tsinghua University t 2017-09-18 Share to:

    In June 28th, in 2017, the doctoral candidate of Tsinghua University, Heze social practice welcome meeting was held in Heze human resources and social security bureau. Ten Tsinghua PhD students will be different departments in the city to carry out six weeks of social practice, Tsinghua University doctoral academic skills, excellent quality, and the receiving unit to achieve a smooth docking, made full preparations for the next step to carry out research. In practice, doctoral students give full play to their academic advantages, the introduction of advanced experience and practice in Heze, the Heze characteristic industry to a more broad platform, achieved excellent practical results, and they will in the social practice of the grass-roots level, to understand the grassroots, at the grassroots level in their training, improve themselves, to achieve a win-win situation.

    In 2017, Dr. Tsinghua University, Heze social practice welcome meeting

    My company successfully docked two doctoral students, respectively, from the Tsinghua University Department of thermal engineering Wang Ying and the Department of automotive engineering noble. They were involved in the "power battery system thermal simulation" and "electric core / battery simulation project", our company will spare no effort to provide a good platform and living environment of doctoral students, and to seize this rare opportunity, the problem usually encountered in terms of technology and Dr. Qinghua together to discuss and solve together. Open horizons, broaden the thinking, promote the development of.

    In 2017, Tsinghua University doctoral student, Heze social practice welcome group photo

    R &amp; D department, Zhang Qingpeng

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