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    Graphene patent applications to be expanded 2017-09-18 Share to:

    Not long ago, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo Institute of materials in conjunction with the Zhejiang Industrial Technology Research Institute, China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance, the Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Information Research Institute, have finished writing the "2015 graphene technology patent analysis report" and released to the public. As a prelude to the 2015 international China graphene Innovation Conference, the report analyzes the global graphene technology patent trend and overall research focus, pointed out the development direction for the future potential of graphene in academia and industry. This article extracts from "2015 graphene technology patent analysis report".
    As a new type of two-dimensional nanomaterials, graphene is the only two-dimensional free form atomic crystal found at present. Since 2004 since the discovery of graphene, not only in the scientific theory has been of great concern, and because of its special nano structure and excellent physical and chemical properties in electronics, optics, magnetics, biomedicine, catalysis, energy storage and sensor fields show great potential applications, has aroused great attention in science and technology circle. Graphene and its application technology have been taken as a long-term strategic direction in the world, with a view to taking the initiative and initiative in a new round of industrial revolution triggered by graphene.
    In recent years, patent applications around graphene have shown rapid growth worldwide, and have become an active hot spot.
    Patent applications have entered a steady growth period
    The life cycle of a technology is usually made up of stages of germination, growth, development, maturation, and bottlenecks. Technology of infancy, social investment will lower the number of patent applications and the number of patents are rare; technology growth stage, industrial technology a breakthrough or vendor for the market value of the cognition, devote to development, the number of patent applications and the number of patents showed a rapid upward trend; mature stage, investment in R &amp; D the resource is not expanding, and other manufacturers to enter the market will lower the number of patent applications, the number of patent is slow or tends to be steady; in the technical bottleneck, related industries have been too mature, or industry technology development bottleneck to have new breakthrough, the number of patent applications and the number of patents showed negative growth.
    Prior to 2008, for graphene related patented technology germination stage; after 2009, graphene related patent technology began to enter a rapid growth stage, and is expected in 2014 after entering the mature stage of technology. At present, some enterprises have started the industrialization of graphene technology. Since 2009, a large number of new inventors have come into the field of graphene technology each year. In recent years, a large number of new technology items have emerged in this field every year. This shows that graphene related technology is in a growth stage, the global related technology research and development investment in rapid growth, and promote the application of graphene technology continues to expand. It can be predicted that in the next few years, the number of global graphene patent applications will continue to maintain steady growth.
    China intruded into territory first
    The study found that graphene patent technology is mainly focused on the following directions: preparation of graphene, such as oxidation reduction method, chemical vapor deposition (CVD); for the preparation of graphene semiconductor devices, optoelectronic devices and field emission transistors; for the preparation of graphene composite materials and thin films for graphene; the lithium ion battery electrode.
    The hot technology in the field of graphene patent mainly includes the following aspects: the preparation of graphene, such as liquid phase stripping, chemical oxidation, chemical vapor deposition and epitaxial growth of graphene dispersion and powder; preparation technology; graphene as electrode materials for lithium ion batteries, super capacitor materials, solar cell electrode materials; graphite for the preparation of graphene thin film transistor, electro-optical devices, transparent conductive films such as semiconductor devices; for graphene composite materials, such as thermal conductivity, composite fiber and carbon fiber; coating, graphene film, sensor, water treatment etc..
    Chinese in the original country in the first place, the patent application number significantly ahead then all other countries and regions, accounted for 46% of the share; South Korea, the United States and Japan followed, the main technology is the technology of the original country. This is because the industry is now on the eve of industrialization and needs strong support from the government. China's special support in the field of graphene technology has greatly promoted the country's research and development in the field of graphene technology, and laid a solid foundation for the future leading position in the industry.
    The United States and Japan is the first to enter the technical field of the country, other countries began to study in 2006, including Japan, Britain, Canada and other countries in the application has remained stable, slow growth, and Chinese, the United States and South Korea in 2010 after the rapid growth of the number of applications. Among them, the fastest growth rate in China, the admissibility of graphene related patents are basically concentrated in the past 3 years, in the total amount of patent applications has gone far beyond the United States, Japan and South korea.
    The country of technology originality and technical target rank of application country are similar basically, visible, China, Korea, United States, Japan are not only the main technology of graphene technology, originality, also be the main technology to protect a place. From the scope of technical applications of the original countries, South Korea, the United States and Japan are actively engaged in the global layout, China needs to be further strengthened in this regard.
    The direction that can be tried
    From a global perspective, graphene related technology is still in a stage of rapid development, the patent applicant America, Japan and South Korea to large multinational companies, technology focused on the bottom-up (Bottom-Up) approach for the preparation of graphene and related applications, and does not apply for or in the number of tube is patent in the patent layout has the advantage. The relevant patent applicant China in the field for a late start, the applicant is relatively dispersed, have not formed the scale of the patent layout; China patent applicants are mainly concentrated in the technology through from top to bottom (Top-Down) approach for the preparation of graphene and related applications, while the number of patent applications have the advantage, but the application the special way of patent cooperation agreement is very small.
    At present, China domestic applicants in the field of patent application occupies a dominant position, a hot field including lithium ion batteries, super capacitors, solar energy, electric / thermal materials, absorbing materials, anti-corrosion and lubrication.
    In the field of Bottom-Up pathway preparation of graphene, especially in the field of graphene growth equipment and graphene film transfer technology, the number of foreign patent applications in China is relatively small, but most of them belong to the basic patent. Domestic applicants started late in this field, but developed rapidly. Patent technology mainly focuses on the growth of graphene thin films, the improvement of related equipment technology, and the downstream fields of LCD, touch and other industries. The transfer of technology in the field of graphene films, domestic rarely, most of the applicants in the graphene film transfer in the field of patent applications are in South Korea SamSung, and currently no large-scale transfer of graphene film equipment patent. Although foreign applicants have a large advantage in patent applications in this field, most of their patent technology is biased towards basic research, and the application value of a considerable number of patents is not high.
    In recent years, China's support for high-tech industries has gradually increased, and many high-tech enterprises have invested in the preparation and application of graphene thin films. Compared with foreign patent applicants, the industrialization direction of patent application in this area is more obvious, but the applicants are relatively scattered and lack of cooperation between them

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